Sneaker Freaker 47

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We’re hitting back with another phat stack of close to 200 pages of red-hot heat in Sneaker Freaker Issue 47. This issue’s collectors go way back. In Berlin, Julia Schoierer has assembled an impressive vault of vintage Nikes and adidashoops classics from the 80s. Her analytical deconstruction of the real-life Tetris game in her apartment is an honest counterpoint to the image of ‘perfection’ often portrayed online. On the other side of the world, Malcolm Hargrove is a man on a mission, snatching up every unconsummated catalogue gem he fiended over as a youngster in Mississippi. With a predilection for hitherto unloved DC, éS, iPath and Circa sneaks, his 400-strong fleet of millennium-era relics is suddenly back in vogue!

The trip down memory lane continues with the definitive history of the New Balance 550, a once-forgotten relic now blazing a new path for their bball throwback. Aside from that, we've got Hajime Sorayama's Mizuno colab, Lizzie Armanto, Edison Chen, EQL, SoleSavy, MSCHF, Goods and Services, BespokeIND, Color Me Fresh, Zhuijun Wang and a sneak peek of Up There's upcoming New Balance colab! And more... but you'll just need to buy a copy to find out.

Issue 47's glossy covers are twin towers of power for ASICS. HAL STUDIOS’ new GEL-1130 colab is the limited edition version and yes, there’s an intriguing ‘Alley Cat’ on the other cover – all will be revealed in due time!

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